Stracimir Gošović - Safe diving : underwater medicine and diving techniques

Safe diving : underwater medicine and diving techniques
Žanr Priručnici - Savjetnici - Slobodno vrijeme - Sport
Izdavač Best Publishing Company
Prevoditelj Karolina Udovički
Vrsta uveza Tvrdi
ISBN13 9789531760089
ISBN10 953176008X
Godina 1993
Broj stranica 497
Format 24 cm
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This sixth edition of Safe Diving has been prepared to make the 30 years experience of the author in underwater medicine and the techiques of diving available to the English reader. Each edition since the first has been updated and expanded, and this sixth edition is no exception. In addition, the author reviews and synthesizes the advances and experience in these fields of research and practice in the countries of Europe, the United States and the former Soviet Union, integrating these with his own rich experience. Safe Diving was written to contribute to the safety of divers not by frightening them with the risks and dangers of diving, but by giving them access to fuller knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of this activity on which their safety depends upon. The effort has been to make a systematic presentation of the circumstances of danger and sources of risk together with the organizational and technical alternatives, and above all concrete procedures of safe and successful diving. Because the author believes safe diving is a multidimensional undertaking, this book, in contrast to most which deal either with the techniques of diving or with medical aspects of diving, gives parallel treatment to the techniques of diving and the technical, medical and safety aspects of each, including saturation diving. This makes it interesting to all categories of divers, sports, military and commercial, and a useful textbook for achieving classification or licensing requirements, from beginner to master diver.